Harley Davidson-Senior Designer–Head Creative Design Department (Fashion),2001-2021

August 2001-Present: Freelance Subcontractor,Full-Time

Independent Contractor

Lead Senior designer for "EIGHT" national and international fashion seasons. Involved in every aspect of the seasons from start to finish.



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Creative direction: trend research, implementation and placement of graphics, apparel design / accessory / soft goods / hard goods design / final multimedia presentations for each season / Movies / licensee style guides / marketing tools. Collaborate with the creative director in all creative structural, and technical aspects of each season.

  • SEASONS: Roughly 72 year to date. Spring-Summer-Fall-Winter

  • COLLECTIONS: 8, (16 a year) Roughly 288 men's & women's collections year to date

  • GRAPHIC DESIGN: Roughly over 7,000 designs year to date: Prints, logos, patterns, accessories, marketing, packaging.


Collaborated with creative director and Milwaukee team for creative direction for each season. Researched trends and used research as inspiration for new graphics and garment ideas. Collaborated with out of state / international design teams to develop concepts that met the needs of each various department/group.

Innovated, designed and created concept boards for the fashion
collections / seasons with inspiration and guidance for Milwaukee team to plan skews.

Gathered target audience visuals (people, inspiration, mood) to meet
collection themes. (examples like WGSN )

Mocked-up visual concepts, silhouettes, and hardware using Illustrator, Photoshop, and paper.

Created and developed innovative apparel logos and hardware applications for each collection/season.

Designed and created unique, appropriately themed fonts for fashion layouts and applications for each collection/season.

Built, created and designed cutting-edge engineered prints, all-over prints, and liners, for apparel and accessories.

Designed metal work and renderings for zipper pulls, belts, buckles, snaps, jewelry, tchotchkes, and other accessories.

Designed accessories including but not limited to: gloves, hats, scarves, bandanas, boots, backpacks, bags, and clutches.

Developed and designed homeware goods: glassware, barware, tableware, and home furnishings.

Designed helmet graphics for seasonal groupings and placed graphics appropriately.

Rendered garment illustrations in Photoshop CC for production of fashion lines including the following specialized application techniques of graphics and garments: washes, screen printing, laser burning, silicon embossing, stud work, stitched denim, embroidery, sublimated embroidery and other specialized techniques.


Prepped graphics and re-illustrated hand-drawn fashion garments in Adobe Illustrator CC. This included the preparation of technical packages for international sample making and production.

Communicated with international contacts as well as contacts in Milwaukee on an ongoing basis about creative direction, graphics, technical applications and other fashion issues.  Problems solved
when necessary.

Create and design graphics for apparel, accessories for licensees that encompass the current trends/direction of each season.

Created multimedia presentations and thematic movies for each seasonal collection.

Designed marketing material/complete book (PDF) presentations for EIGHT fashion collections with a directed look and vibe using Adobe Photoshop CC and various other cutting-edge graphics software.  

Presentation design involved creating, incorporating and including the story, theme, graphics, garment/figure illustrations for apparel, accessories, and hardware (including but not limited to:leather, outerwear, sportswear, riding gear) and fully realized painted renderings

Produced Marketing material (DEALER ORDERING BOOKS, MOVIES) nationally and internationally for apparel publications / DEALER SUMMITS / AND ON STAGE

Lead graphic / designer and innovator in other fashion, apparel and corporate needs outside of the seasons/collections

Designed innovative air-flow designs, pocket treatments, and new visibility applications.

Harley Race Team Apparel: Created and designed Harley-Davidson Race team jerseys, pit crew, and riders     suits (drag race and fast track)

Designed the company national/international registered tartan.

Developed, designed and created Willie G. Davidson apparel line, including Jacket, t-shirts,

Created multimedia presentations and thematic movies for global marketing strategies, dealer conventions, the Harley-Davidson Sturgis events, and Harley-Davidson website.

Designed auction Jacket and graphics, for the Harley-Davidson Black and Blue Ball.

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